Has Leadership Killed Your Tangible Skills?

This topic is one of the most overlooked in our profession…

The 16%

Ancient skills cartoonHave you ever known someone who was so far up the career ladder, but absolutely useless when it came to doing daily tasks?

I sure have.

If you’re one of those people, I suggest you do something about it because it does nothing for team morale. No one likes a supervisor who can only think of ideas and bark orders without some type of skill to back it up.

But it’s not like these types of bosses weren’t competent at some time.

They had skills to obtain their past positions and move up the ranks. However, somewhere along the way, these go-getters reached the point where they were doing more “telling” than “doing.”

That’s not necessarily a problem. Besides, it’s a manager’s job to delegate tasks and make sure things are done properly and efficiently.

The problem lies in the lack of keeping those skills sharp, or worse—not learning newer…

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