Modern Leadership


The profession has changed dramatically over the past thirty years. Our society, service delivery , and what the public expects of their leader.  As a leader, how we move organizations has evolved, but I will argue that the way to lead people has not changed and the greatest leaders of our time and into the future will embrace the foundations of leadership which has remained unchanged.

Leadership is one of the most observed and least understood phenomenon on earth.   J.M. Burns

The definition of leadership is sometimes expressed as organizing a group around an idea or project. The reality is it means moving a group from one place to another that they have not seen or been to yet, and this can be scary stuff…

A recent article, “Heavy Lifting; Leading in Modern Times” (Barbara Kellerman), describes the current trend as a decline in leadership and a shift to followership. The view of leadership is one of a growing followership based leadership. This brand of leadership shifts the power of organizational direction to those who band together as a democratic majority. Social media have fueled the power of the masses by allowing almost instant communications to the masses therefore building consensus for organizational direction. It’s also a safer place to lead from as you are not the lone target.

If leadership isn’t present at the top, it will rise from the ranks

The new direction of followership/leadership will rise up as the organizational leadership if strong, influential leadership isn’t present. Leading this new empowered workforce will take a new set of skill sets that wasn’t so necessary for a leader to survive in the past. Although if you think of the great leaders of the past, they possessed the skills that would have prevailed in today’s new organizational make-up, great communicators.

Great communication skills through mediums that will cover multiple personality preferences will be the tool box must-haves for today’s leaders.

Are you proficient with multiple communications models to communicate to every member of your team? 


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3 thoughts on “Modern Leadership

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  2. The construct of leadership is not universal because it is in the eyes of the beholder and some leadership ends in bad results.

    • I can’t argue with that statement, but I’m more of the eternal optimist. When leadership is allowed to flourish and can be fostered, good results spreads like wildfire… The statement that ” leadership is not universal” is what makes it so difficult for “leaders” to grasp. There is no single philosophy that will fit all organizations. When leaders try to force fit a style, it usually ends with bad results. Another observation is that the “beholder” sounds singular. In an organization, the needs of the many (organization) outweigh the needs of the few (individual), Spock..

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