Great review of a very interesting philosophy on Leadership/Followership


What every Employee should know to be successful by Charles E. Cabler @ 2011

“Being successful as a company, team or group requires two things;

  1.  A competent and dependable leader
  2. Dedicated employees or followers working together.

Both of these have to have quality of both leaders and followers.

A follower is known as advocate, employee, helper, pupil, devotee or protégé and the leader must show dedication, loyalty and be efficient.

The importance of a follower is in their dedication, skill and being driven to be their best.  Perception of the business world is no longer to be a leader, mover and shaker.  Leaders need and expect the employees to get the job done!  In today’s work environment the number of leaders has been reduced dramatically as job function have been compressed, reduced, combined and thus, the role of the follower is in high demand.

You can be successful in…

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